- Multistage Charging: Fully automatic multistage battery charger with the ability to charge 3 separate battery banks.

- Separate Battery Banks: Isolated charging design where battery bank one is separate from battery bank two and three.

- Programmable: Battery bank 1 can be programmed with a different charge algorithm over banks 2 and 3.

- Current Control: User adjustable current output (e.g. Dial the 60amp unit back to run off a 1kVA generator).

- Smart Charging: The ePOWER 40A battery charger will regulate its output based on the loads connected to your battery banks.

- Wide AC Input Range: Operates on both 110V / 60Hz and 240V / 50Hz.

- LED Display: Easy to use “set and select” menu along with scrolling charger status.

- Silent Mode: Disables the cooling fan for total silent operation at night or whenever required. Activation reduces charge output by half and locks out fan for 12 hours.

- Temperature Sensor: Battery temperature sensor included with 3 meter cable.

- 2 Year Warranty from an Australian company renowned for customer support.

Enerdrive ePower 240V AC 40A Charger

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